ESD & Clean Room Seating

ESD & Clean Room Seating

Our ESD and Clean Room Chairs and Stools feature advanced electro-static dissipating technology to protect sensitive electronic equipment found in clean rooms and laboratories. An industry-leading 12 year warranty guarantees that your ergonomic ESD or clean room chair will provide years of static-free and trouble-free service.


ESD Chairs

Our electro-static dissipating seating neutralizes static generating processes by providing proper grounding, conductive, and dissipative static control materials.

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Stools without backs

ESD Stools

ESD stools built to dissipate static while still providing LabTech's state-of-the-art ergonomics.

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Stools without backs

Clean Room Chairs

Our clean room chairs and stools are tested for real world performance, constructed from quality materials that are certified for Class 100 clean room standards.

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Stools without backs

ESD & Clean Room Chairs

We combined our static-neutralizing performance with the cleanliness of Class 100 clean room standards to produce the ultimate solution for handling sensitive electronics.

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